The beauty of stability

The aesthetics and style of a place is measured to a great extent by its floors. The contrasts with the elements it supports generate an impact that does not go unnoticed; that is why when installing a floor, the needs and virtues of the environment are considered to achieve different flattering effects to the interior and exterior of a place.

por que elegirnos

Why should you choose us?

Because we understand that each infrastructure has its own personality and the floors are an essential part of it; so in each proposal we consider all the necessary elements so that your floors reflect you.

Creative stability solutions

Commercial Flooring Installation

We offer you attractive and durable solutions, so that the first impression is as lasting as your floors. 

Residential Flooring Installation

Your home, your floor. The comfort and care of your family starts with the floor.

If you are thinking of installing or remodeling a floor consider the following:

Walk with confidence; it doesn't have to be complicated!

Leave it in the hands of Universal Remodel

The floor is a determinant for the degree of confidence in which people take a step; welcome to your home, office or any space with a floor that generates confidence and generates a smile, and that no one takes a step backwards.


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