Endless possibilities for a room

The ceilings and walls of a property can be more than the division of spaces and protection from the weather. The Drywall construction system, besides being lightweight and quick to install, allows you to build and transform spaces with a variety of designs, giving a unique touch to your spaces without losing security, privacy and durability to your property.

por qué elegirnos

Why should you choose us?

Because we guarantee the application of a system as versatile as drywall, at the low cost that characterizes it, but with the quality and finishes that any other system can offer to your ceilings and walls.

We expand the possibilities of your spaces

Commercial Drywall

We optimize your spaces with an adequate distribution, preserving the privacy of each room by the thermoacoustic insulation system.

Residential Drywall

Don’t limit your imagination. Expand, modify or build your house and give it the comfort you want from the wall to the ceiling. 

If you are planning a remodeling or construction job, consider the following:

Achieving an appropriate space distribution does not have to be complicated!

Leave it in the hands of Universal Remodel

Explore the wide possibilities of design and distribution that exist for your spaces with Universal Remodel. We work hand in hand to create a proposal that exceeds your expectations but not your budget.


When you hire Universal Remodel